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Air Quality

Basement Air Quality

It is time to focus on the quality of air of those living in your home breathe.

Did you know that up to 60% of the air you breathe in your home does not even come from the living area of your home? It comes from the basement or crawl space beneath your floors.

It may feel cozy being inside your home, but for people who are sensitive to indoor allergens or have respiratory problems, your home can be the worst place for those to be if not properly taken care of. What many people do not know is there are harmful elements that could potentially be inside your own home that are not even in plain sight. Excellent air quality is important for the health of your family and pets inside. According to the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), anyone can be at risk for indoor air pollution, especially people who spend 90% of their time indoors.

Where does the air pollution start?

There are many causes of indoor air pollution including bad ventilation, not cleaning your floors and furniture properly, not having an exhaust fan over the stove, or a very common one: water in your house. Air pollution starts in the basement or crawl space, the most forgotten part of your home when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. Water in your basement or crawl space is common, yet many people hold off doing anything about it because they may not spend a lot of time down there if it is not a finished room in the home. The most common cause of water entering any area is an increase in hydrostatic pressure, this happens when water soaks into the soil around your home and there is bad or little to no drainage. The soil is full of water for a good portion of the year and needs to escape. As the hydrostatic pressure builds, it can cause wall cracks that will allow water to enter. When water is in the basement or crawl space, it will create higher humidity levels which can, and probably will, lead to mold and mildew growth. These problems are what leads to the air pollution in your home that rises to the levels above the floor into the air you breathe. The air in your basement can get even get into your central air/heating system, which then travels throughout the rest of your home.

What are the health problems associated with bad air quality?

Indoor air pollution is a top environmental risk to public health by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Effects that bad air quality can have on the body include headaches, fatigue, irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat, asthma, even respiratory diseases, heart diseases, and more.

Things to look for and when to call us at Midstate Basement Authorities:

  • Pooling/Ponding of water near foundation
  • Cracks in walls (exterior or interior)
  • Humidity/Moisture in basement or crawl space (standing water, mold, or stains)
  • Separation/Uneven doors, windows, or walls
  • Uneven floors, sidewalks, or driveways
  • Visual water damage or corrosion
  • Crumbling or flaking of concrete

We are the experts in interior and exterior waterproofing solutions to keep water out of your basement or crawl space. Once we have a system in place to capture and remove the excess water from your home, we will evaluate the humidity levels and, if necessary, install a dehumidifier to control the humidity levels in the basement and keep the air in your home at a safe and healthy level. Give us a call at 888.99 DRY NY if you would like us to do a free analysis.

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