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Helpful Home Tips This Winter


Before we had a chance to blink, winter crept its way back into our lives once again for the season. However, we’re only worried about one thing. Did you get a chance to protect your property before the chill came to stay? Better yet, before the start of the new year?

If not, sit back and relax, we are here to help you. Here are three helpful tips for taking care of your home after the holiday season!

Seal Your Crawl Space

Unfortunately, nature can be extremely unpredictable. We barely have time to think before our homes are affected by the weather. This often occurs with the crawl spaces below our homes. When a crawlspace is left ventilated and unsealed from the outside environment, an excess of heat and humidity, critters, moisture and more can lead to a variety of issues such as mold and structural problems. Installing a crawl space encapsulation system will take care of these issues immediately. By sealing off all vents and installing a higher quality door for your crawl space, this will prevent outside air, fluctuating levels of humidity and other contributors from affecting your crawl space.

Check for Any Wall Cracks

Unsightly and ugly wall cracks should be the least of your worries as you are starting off the new year! A wall crack is an indicator or some kind of structural issue in your home’s foundation. In other words, not something that you want to deal with. Thankfully, that is what we are here for. We have a customized solution for every type of wall crack, from vertical, horizontal to stair-step cracks. Getting your foundation properly repaired is fundamental for your home at the start of this year!

Get Chimney Inspected and Cleaned

It’s important to be cozy by your fireplace during this chilly season, but not at the expense of you and your family’s safety if your chimney hasn’t been expected in a while! Get your chimney inspected and cleaned this winter to prevent issues such as potential fire hazards, outdoor objects getting caught while the chimney is burning, or debris buildup.

Start the new year off right by making your home a priority! It is essential to us that we dedicate our time by helping in any capacity possible, for your happiness, convenience and safety!

Happy New Years from everyone here at Midstate Basement Authorities!

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