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How Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair Works


How Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair Works

Carbon Fibers are the premiere method of foundation repair and holding back bowed basement walls. They are a relatively new development, but have gained a lot of ground in recent years as the go-to in wall crack, and bowed wall repair due to their resiliency and their strength. Today, we will be discussing the process we at Midstate Basement Authorities follow when we are installing carbon fiber straps into a home.

The first thing we must consider whenever we are repairing cracks, and making sure a foundations walls do not ever bow again, is first assessing how bad the damage really is. If the cracks are over a 1/2" wide, we must address it accordingly and will be different than a wall with cracks less than a 1/2" wide. It is important also, to note how bad the bowed walls actually are, and make a choice deciding whether or not carbon fiber is the proper choice regarding our given situation. If the bowed walls are bad enough, we may find it necessary to resort to our wall anchors.

1. Prep Work

Whenever we need to install carbon fiber straps, We first must undergo all of the prep and grind work around the work surface. This includes measuring and marking the locations of the straps, grinding the verticle length of the foundation wall where the carbon strap will be down to a smooth, clean surface by removing any paint, coatings, or anything which is not the bare material of the foundation wall. We then must prep the carbon fiber for mounting by mounting it to a sill plate, so it is ready to attach to the wall.

2. Repair all cracks

If there are cracks in the wall we are attempting to repair, we need to fill them in. Failure to do so will not allow for the mounting process to be done properly, as the problem causing the issue would not be fixed.

3. Sill Plate Installation

At this point in the process, one of our experts makes sure that the sill plate and footing is prepped accordingly, and is ready to mount. This involves, measuring, marking and drilling out the holes for where the sill plate will be mounted. It is now time to Mount the carbon fiber, which is saturated in epoxy to ensure it bonds to the wall correctly.

Contact Us

If you notice any bowed walls happening in your basement, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to aid you in ensuring that your basement walls are back to normal again. Feel free to contact us at 607-387-4825 or through our online contact form.

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