How to Spot Foundation Issues

Foundation Repair is something that many people are quite fearful of, due to it's cost, and also seeing what damage happens to the foundation overtime. Foundation Repair is one of those thing where you and your home are much better off if you catch early, and take steps in order to correct the issue.

Spotting The Issue

One may ask, "How do I spot these foundation issues?" There is a solution, and we will tell you. Here are some things in which you can look for to understand early on what the problem is, and have a better idea on what needs to be fixed.

1) Cracks in the foundation are a big no-no. This is something which is very plainly meaning exactly what it means. To do this go around and survey your foundation for cracks of any type.

2) One of the most obvious annoyances of everyday are quite possibly directly linked to a foundation problem. This issue is sticking doors. Does it ever seem as though some of your doors have a difficult time opening? Do they even need just that extra pull, or push to get through them? If so, this can be a definitive indicator that your foundation is sinking. Double doors, for example, may even appear to not hang correctly anymore.

3) If one side of the building is lower than the other, than this is a surefire indicator of Foundation issues. It is important to note that a home should be level as possible, and any disturbances can cause issues overtime.

So, If you encounter any of these issues, it is crucial you give us a call at 607-387-4825 or contact us, so your small, cheap fixed foundation problem does not become a serious and expensive one.