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Lupo Project

After a long day at work Auburn resident Joanne Lupo was watching some television at home when she heard terrifyingly loud banging noises coming from somewhere in the house. After checking upstairs, she went into her basement and the damage was apparent.

“I saw a huge crack, a great big line in my wall. It was a whole different experience; I was terrified out of my mind. I had no idea what the noises were, and then when I found out it was much more terrifying because I thought my whole house was caving in,” Lupo said.

Lupo, a 43-year-old insurance adjuster, added that nothing like this had ever happened to a house she has lived in. After collecting herself, Lupo said the very next morning she started calling contractors to get estimates done. Midstate Basement Authorities got one of those calls, and company President Eric Leach was at Lupo’s house quickly giving her an assessment.

“There was a large horizontal crack on the main basement wall with some mild cracking on the other walls. Most likely in this situation a drought followed by a large quantity of rain was the most likely cause,” Leach said. Lupo said Midstate was one of the first companies she met with.

“They explained things very thoroughly, they examined the basement and they were very competent and accommodating to my schedule as I am very busy,” Lupo said.

With the damage to her basement potentially spreading, and too nervous to stay in her own house anymore, Lupo peppered Midstate with constant questions and concerns about her basement.

“I had no idea the damage would spread so quick and I had been emailing Eric and letting him know what was going on. Eric was absolutely great in terms of getting back to me every time, which was quite a few times, and it’s been a pleasure. I had a lot of questions and he answered them all,” Lupo said.

Lupo added a big concern of hers was assuaged when Leach informed her the job would only take two or three days and that the work would be under warranty.

“Everything went as he said it would and there was a warranty. I had that in my hand shortly afterward and there was no change in the price, I had no problems,” Lupo said.

To fix the crack and stabilize the foundation, Leach said carbon fiber straps were attached to the wall and the joints in the wall were grinded out and repointed.

“Repointing alone wouldn’t have done it, and replacing the whole wall would have been going to far. It would have been three or four more times more expensive, destructive to the property and frankly overkill. So that left the middle option, a cost effective solution with a long-term guarantee.”

Now that the work is done Lupo said she has peace of mind.

“You could hear the house cracking anywhere in the house after that night. It was terrifying staying here, now I don’t here the noise and it’s a much better feeling, and the warranty helps with that as well.”

Another aspect of the repair that made Lupo nervous was that due to her busy schedule, she would not be able to be present during the work.

“I wasn’t home and there were no problems with the house and I had no issue leaving them by themselves, which I was nervous about,” Lupo sad.

Leach said Midstate prides itself on having trustworthy employees.

“Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that they will treat the property with the same respect they would treat their own.”

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