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Spring to Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

I'm sure with the great weather we've been having, you've all been taking time to do some Spring cleaning and lawn work; however, this is the time to give your home an overhaul with an interior and exterior inspection. The winter and most recent rain have been wreaking havoc on everyone's homes. It's a good time to take a walk around your home and take a closer look at your exterior windows, walls, foundations, gutters and decks…and even a look at the interior.

To make this process easier, we've put together some tips to help!

The Roof/Gutters: You don't need to climb up on the roof to see if there are issues. Check and clear the gutters and downspouts of any debris. Most likely leaves and dirt have accumulated over the winter and could be blocking the external drainage that is to leading rubbish and water away from your home. This is the most important tip we can offer because water that remains near the foundation of your home can cause the worst of damage.

Exterior Walls. No matter what type of exterior walls you may have, there are warning signs that will let you know if there is an issue. Look for water stains or cracks that may be a sign of damaged areas, knots that have popped out, or areas that may need attention.

Foundations. When inspecting the exterior of your home, be sure to examine the foundation thoroughly. Some cracks can be fixed with a DIY kit, but a concrete contractor can inspect from top to bottom and can repair or make suggestions that will bring your home to safe conditions.

Windows. Look for condensation and mold indoors and outdoors. The leakage of water around windows will let warm summer air in and allow cooled indoor air escape, so be sure to check that any caulking and weather stripping you have in place has remained intact. If you notice any of the seal has been compromised, look to replace the seal or the actual entire window to be sure things remain efficient.

Basements/Crawlspaces. In the Spring (due to the increase of moisture) basements and crawlspaces are at a higher than normal humidity moisture level and the influx of rain can bring numerous infiltrations of water. If you see moisture or water, this could lead to a more serious issue. That's where we come in.

Settling/Uneven Concrete. Check for tripping hazards in your home; from the sidewalks, patio, floors, patios and more…don't try to fix them yourself! We have a professional concrete lifting and leveling division that will fix it with a safe, easy, cost-effective, quick solution with Midstate Concrete Leveling and Lifting at https://www.nyconcretelifting.com/

If you find any major issue in the process that you would like a professional opinion, contact us at Midstate for a free no obligation, analysis. We have a lot of Do-it-Yourself tips and can help you decide what solutions may fix your issues. If it's not something we specialize in, we are connected with a large network of other professionals that will be able to assist you! 888.99.DRY NY

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