Fall Home Checklist

Fall is definitely here and it's the perfect time to prepare your home for the change in seasons and colder weather that is coming. Here are a few To-Do's to add to your fall checklist that will help you focus on the most important preventative home maintenance tasks that you can do to be sure that ...
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How Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair Works

How Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair WorksCarbon Fibers are the premiere method of foundation repair and holding back bowed basement walls. They are a relatively new development, but have gained a lot of ground in recent years as the go-to in wall crack, and bowed wall repair due to their resiliency a...
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Midstate Basement Back with Sieg

Midstate Basement Authorities and RSS Racing
Midstate Basement Authorities is partnered with RSS Racing for the third year as primary sponsor.  Learn more here: Ryan Sieg Racing

How to Spot Foundation Issues

How to Spot Foundation IssuesFoundation Repair is something that many people are quite fearful of, due to it's cost, and also seeing what damage happens to the foundation overtime. Foundation Repair is one of those thing where you and your home are much better off if you catch early, and take steps ...
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Protecting Your Basement After Heavy Rain

Protecting Your Basement After Heavy RainSo let's say it rains, and your basement takes on significant amounts of water? Nobody wants to deal with damaged valuables or large amounts of water in their basement. There are two ways that this happens. One, is that one of the components in your basement ...
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