Protecting Your Basement After Heavy Rain

Protecting Your Basement After Heavy Rain So let's say it rains, and your basement takes on significant amounts of water? Nobody wants to deal with damaged valuables or large amounts of water in their basement. There are two ways that this happens. One, is that one of the components in your basement...
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Lupo Project

After a long day at work Auburn resident Joanne Lupo was watching some television at home when she heard terrifyingly loud banging noises coming from somewhere in the house. After checking upstairs, she went into her basement and the damage was apparent. “I saw a huge crack, a great big line in my w...
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Lockwood Project

For the last five years, 69-year-old retiree Gary Lockwood did what he could to patch up the damage caused by his sinking sunroom. Inside, cracks were forming everywhere, the floor was at an angle and the windows were starting to get disfigured. “Every year I would repair it a bit and hope that the ...
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Midstate Basement to Sponsor Sieg at The Glen

Midstate Basement to Sponsor Sieg at The Glen SUGAR HILL, Ga. (August 1, 2017) – RSS Racing is pleased to announce Midstate Basement Authorities as the primary sponsor for Watkins Glen this weekend. Midsate Basement Authorities is Central New York’s trusted full-service basement and foundation contr...
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