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What is the best way to a waterproof basement?
It all depends on your particular situation. All of our wet basement solutions are tailored to fit your specific needs. We have extremely experienced Project Managers that will visit your home, inspect, and discuss any and all available basement waterproofing solutions with you.
How does water enter my basement?
Water can get into a basement in any number of ways: flooding during heavy rains can cause it to go over the top of the foundation wall, a leak can form to get through a cavity in your walls, or if the soil is saturated, it can come through the joint where the walls meet the floor or even from under the floor. All of these are common scenarios. Our Projects Managers are trained to examine all possible angles to make this sure this problem is solved for good.
Should I extend my downspouts and have my yard slope away from my home?
Directing water away from your home is a good idea. However, relying on that alone is not a realistic solution. There’s often much more to it when it comes to basement leaks.
How do I know if I should be concerned about the structural integrity of my house?
Your senses are the easiest tools to use for determining if your house is in need of structural repair. Pay attention to doors or windows that are becoming increasingly harder to open or close. Also, keep an eye out for cracks or other warning signs. If you are noticing any of those things, you should have a Project Manager come visit.
I have a crack in my foundation wall. Does that need to be repaired?
There isn’t a single crack that doesn’t have the potential for water seepage. Water will cause erosion in the crack to further weaken your foundation. Your best bet would be to fix any crack as quickly as possible.
I have noticed a musty smell in my upstairs living space. Could my damp basement or crawl space be contributing to that?
Definitely. In fact, a large portion of the air in your living space comes from your basement or crawl space, which could be causing the smell. The cause of that smell can also lead to increased allergy symptoms as well as many other respiratory issues. Our Project Managers are dedicated to suggesting the most appropriate dehumidification system to handle this issue.
What is the powder that I see on my foundation walls?
That’s called Efflorescence. It’s a key indicator that there are humidity problems in your basement.
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