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Bowed Wall Repair Services

The foundation is a critical part of your home because it supports everything above. Because of this, when you have a bowed or buckling basement wall it is very important that you have it looked at by a professional to determine the best way to repair it as quickly as you can. As the bowing gets worse, it can also cause the walls to leak water which may require the installation of a basement waterproofing system. If the bowing of the wall becomes too great, it can fail which will result in it not being able to support your home any longer. If this happens, there are usually very few options aside from rebuilding the foundation which can become very expensive very quickly.

The causes of bowing basement walls are generally few and simple. Pressure from the outside of the building, either from soil or water is pushing inward on your foundation. Because the foundation is designed to support weight from above and not pressure from the sides, it is not capable of standing up to this force. If you have noticed that your basement walls are bowed or leaning inward, you should immediately get in touch with our foundation repair experts; we have specialized products designed for bowed wall repair.

Basement Wall Anchors

To repair a bowing basement wall, we use a system of wall anchors. These anchors are installed through the bowing wall and connected to a large plate that is secured in the ground outside of the foundation. They are connected by a long steel rod that we can use to pull the two together. This tension will pull the bowing wall back into place and will stand as a permanent repair to keep your walls from bowing or buckling inward any longer.

This is the full process of how we repair bowed walls:

  1. Measuring to ensure anchors are placed at proper locations.
  2. Holes drilled through the bowing basement walls.
  3. Rods driven through the holes to a certain depth.
  4. Locate the rods outside and insert plates down to rods.
  5. Excess rod is pulled to lock onto outside plates.
  6. Interior plates are secured to the rods.
  7. Plates are tightened and bowed wall is pulled into place.
  8. Once walls are pulled, the bowing is permanently repaired.

The process takes about 20 minutes per anchor and the results can be seen quickly as the wall is restored to its proper position.

Carbon Fiber Straps

When the bowing of the walls is minor, we can utilize carbon fiber wall supports to prevent the wall from bowing inward. The carbon fiber a maintenance-free repair. The supports are fastened to the sill plate, and secured to the foundation floor which allows even distribution of pressure on the wall and the support. Because the carbon fiber supports are very thin, they are installed inside the basement and are able to be finished over. If they are painted over, the final product is nearly invisible.

Wall Braces

Another solution we have, if the bowing of the wall is not too great, are wall braces created from steel I-beams. These braces are attached at the footer and the floor joists above. They are installed flush against the bowing wall and are strong enough to prevent your walls from bowing inward any longer. These braces install quickly and require no work from the outside.

Basement Wall Braces for Bowed Wall Repair

Once you have a bowed wall repair system in place, you can rest easy knowing your foundation will not be in danger of collapsing. We can also provide wall crack repair services once we've eliminated the problem causing your walls to bow.

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If you notice your basement walls are starting to bow inward, don't hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will come out and give you a free estimate. We look forward to helping you repair your home and keep you safe.

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Frequently Asked Bowed Wall Repair Questions

What is the proper fix for a bowing basement wall?
Depending on the severity of the bowing in the wall, there are a few different methods to fix a bowing basement wall. The first method is to install a system of wall anchors. These are plates that are attached to the basement wall and connected to another plate that is buried in the soil outside the home by a long steel rod. After the two plates and rod are installed, the plate is tightened and the wall is slowly pulled back into place. The second method is intended for minor bowing and is the application of carbon fiber straps. These are applied to the wall and affixed with an epoxy that, once cured, is stronger than steel and will prevent the wall from bowing any more. This does not repair the bowing wall but will prevent future damage. The final method is also for minimal bowing and it is the installation of steel wall braces. These are I-beams that are attached to the floor joists and floor of the wall and will add extra strength to the wall to prevent future bowing.
Is a bowed basement wall dangerous?
A bowing basement wall can be dangerous depending on the amount of bow the wall is experiencing. If the bowing is extreme, the wall can buckle and ultimately the foundation could fail to be able to support the weight of the home above. For this reason, professional diagnosis and repair of bowing walls should be completed when you notice any bowing or buckling of walls.
How much does it cost to fix a bowed basement wall?
Due to the varied amount of repair solutions depending on the severity of the damage to the wall, an accurate estimate cannot be made without a professional examining the walls.
How much bowing is acceptable for basement walls?
If a wall is bowing more than 1/2 inch inward it should be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible. If any horizontal or vertical cracks are appearing in the wall, these could be indicators of bowing walls or even foundation settlement which should be repaired before they can become worse and create more expensive repairs.

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