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If you have a crawl space below your home, you know the area is prone to some of the more unattractive effects of nature’s extremes. This is because most of them are left ventilated and completely unsealed from the outside environment which allows water to linger after it rains and prevents you from regulating high levels of humidity. Moisture in the surrounding soil can seep up into wooden structures, creating a breeding ground for allergy-frustrating mold and mildew. Similarly, in the attic, or any other kind of crawl space, excessive heat and humidity can combine to create a haven for mold to grow.

When there is excess moisture and humidity in the crawl space, it can cause structural problems as well. As moisture seeps into the floor joists, you could notice the floor above becomes saggy or uneven. This can be a serious problem as it is very dangerous to have floors that are not level. By properly controlling the humidity levels in your crawl space, we can help resolve this issue.

With a crawl space encapsulation system from Midstate Basement Authorities, these problems can be dealt with properly by effectively sealing off the area from the outside. We will begin by sealing off all of the crawl space vents and installing a higher quality door for the crawl space. This will help prevent outside air which has fluctuating levels of humidity and is a major contributor to the problems. We will then install a high quality vapor barrier to finish sealing the area off.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

The most important part of an encapsulation system is the crawl space vapor barrier. This is an ultra heavy duty polypropylene fabric reinforced with nylon that is guaranteed to seal your crawl space off from moisture and acts as a small amount of crawl space insulation. The vapor barrier is durable enough to store items on top of so you can finally use your crawl space for safe storage.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Encapsulation Before and After

Once we have lined the inner surfaces of your crawl space with a vapor barrier we can control the humidity levels in the area and prevent the growth of mold. Our crawl space encapsulation products can be applied to the flooring, walls, and ceilings of your crawl space. This keeps moisture from affecting your structure, and by extension, your living space.


Once the crawl space is encapsulated and we are sure it is sealed off from the outside, we will install a crawl space dehumidifier to finish off the moisture control system. This will help regulate the humidity level in the crawl space to ensure it never gets high enough to harbor mold or mildew growth.

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If you've got a crawl space in your home and you're concerned about moisture or humidity problems, please contact us today to schedule a time for one of our team members to provide you with a free inspection of the area. If we find any issues, we will help you determine the best repair and work on a solution to keep your crawl space safe. If you have a basement waterproofing issue, we can provide solutions for that as well.

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