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Wall Crack Repair Services

Wall cracks are not only unsightly, they can also be indicators of other problems. There are many different types of cracks including vertical, horizontal, and stair-step pattern cracks. All basement and foundation walls are capable of getting these cracks, including poured concrete and block walls. While there are different types of cracks, this means we have to have different types of repairs for each type. Depending on the crack type, we may use carbon fiber straps, wall braces, or epoxy injections to repair them.

Any type of wall crack is an indicator of some sort of structural issue and should be inspected by a professional foundation repair expert. At Midstate Basement Authorities, our team members are trained to properly inspect these cracks to determine the cause and help you implement the proper repair.

What Causes Wall Cracks?

The different types of wall cracks generally have different causes. If you have long horizontal cracks they may be an indicator of a bowing wall because the pressure from the outside is usually distributed along the entire wall face. Vertical cracks are usually caused by foundation settlement on one side of the house which puts stress on the wall in a specific location. If you have stair-step cracks, these are usually in block or brick walls and are also generally caused by uneven foundation settlement.

How Do We Repair Wall Cracks?

As with every home repair, the way we fix a problem depends on the type of problem. This means that we have specific types of repairs for each type of wall crack, both for the type of material the wall is made of and the type of crack we're dealing with.

Carbon Fiber Straps

Carbon fiber is an ultra strong material that can be applied to almost any surface. We use carbon fiber products from Rhino® Carbon Fiber, they are used to create a stronger-than-steel patch on your walls to permanently stop cracks from growing. This is done by applying an epoxy that will soak through the carbon fiber and bond it to your basement wall. After the epoxy has cured, the carbon fiber is a permanent part of the wall and will prevent the crack from getting any larger.

Carbon Fiber Straps for Wall Crack Repair

Epoxy Injections

Epoxy is a two part mixture that, once combined, creates a permanent waterproof seal on whatever it is being injected into. We will inject this epoxy into the cracks at their full length all the way to the soil. Once it is cured, the crack is permanent sealed and will not have any water issues at all.

Epoxy Injections for Wall Crack Repair
Step 1
Epoxy Injections for Wall Crack Repair
Step 2
Epoxy Injections for Wall Crack Repair
Step 3


When you have concrete block walls, or a brick or stone foundation, it can be very unsightly to have a long crack making its way through the mortar. This is why we use shotcrete to apply concrete to this type of wall once we've implemented a foundation repair. Using the shotcrete process we can add structural strength to a problematic crumbling foundation wall.

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If you have basement or foundation wall cracks, feel free to contact us. We will have one of our experts provide you with a free estimate of the cracks and explain to you the different types of repairs we can use to repair the crack.

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